1805 was called by God to the ministry after hearing Chuck Smith’s Bible studies on Christian radio in Arizona.  He attended the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, where he learned the “nuts and bolts” of the care and feeding of God’s sheep.  When praying about where the Father would want him to go, Michigan repeatedly came to mind.  When he went to a respected teacher for advice, he was given confirmation in the words, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  Shortly after that, Calvary Chapel Grand Rapids was planted, in 1994.  CC Grand Rapids grew steadily under the Yearacks’ pastoral care.

Buckeye, AZ

As a result of a direct word from the Lord in early 2012, “Go to the land of your nativity,” Ed turned the fellowship over to Randy Williamson, sold his house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and headed back to Arizona with the vision to see a Bible teaching church planted in Buckeye, Arizona.

Carol Yearack Carol Yearack    Women’s Ministry

Todd Carter Todd Carter   Assistant Pastor and Wednesday Night Bible Study

Rudy Ortega Rudy Ortega   Elder and Men’s Ministry

Robert Ortega Robert Ortega   Youth Ministry

Paul Paul ODane   Elder and Sunday Night Prayer

Larry and Francis Larry and Francis Ortiz   Greeters Ministry